Join the TN Valley Barter Exchange (TVBE): 

Obtain goods and services worldwide without spending cash!            Join Now

When you join TVBE, you gain a sales force, a marketing company and a huge network of pre-qualified prospective customers ready to conduct business with you, using TVBE currency!

We seek out and bring you new customers in exchange for a “commission” — a 5% cash transaction fee whenever you sell or purchase using Exchange dollars. The small transaction fee of 5% yields big benefits.

TVBE works to promote your company through its network of barter brokers.  In addition to marketing your company, goods and services through our brokers, TVBE also gives you exposure through our company newsletters, our social media marketing and other communications within the TVBE network.

Membership includes:

Account setup and maintenance

Listing in the online TVBE membership directory and trading platform

Member-only online directory access

Record-keeping services, including monthly account statement

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